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Future Events

February 17, 2025
Lecturing class Theoretical Mechanics (A) at Peking University, Spring 2025 (TM25)

September 9, 2024
Lecturing class General Relativity & Astrophysics and Electrodynamics (A) at Peking University, Fall 2024 (GR24, CED24)

Summer 2024

July 26, 2024
Invited plenary lecture and session chair at the 2024 International Congress of Basic Science, Beijing China (ICBS)

July 24, 2024
Invited talk at the First Tsinghua Relativity Workshop, Tsinghua University

July 22-23, 2024
Invited lectures at Frontier Workshop on Gravitational Theories and Astrophysics, Xinjiang University (Xinjiang)

July 19, 2024
Invited talk at International Workshop on New Opportunities for Particle Physics 2024, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NOPP24)

July 14-16, 2024
FAST/Future Pulsar Symposium 13, Yunnan University (FPS13)

July 12-14, 2024
Contributed talk and session organizer at the SKA Pulsar Science Symposium 2024, Yunnan University (SPSS24)

July 3, 2024
Invited talk at Quantum Gravity and Cosmology 2024, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai China (QGC2024)

June 27, 2024
Invited talk at the International Pulsar Timing Array Conference, Sexten Center for Astrophysics, Italy (Sexten)

June 16, 2024
Invited talk and session chair at the International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics CosPA 2024, Ningbo China (CosPA24)

June 2024
Scalar Dark Energy Models and Scalar-Tensor Gravity: Theoretical Explanations for the Accelerated Expansion of Present Universe by Peixiang Ji and Lijing Shao (arXiv)

June 5, 2024
Bachelor Thesis Defense by Yuxin Guo at Beihang University

June 2024
High priority targets for transient gravitational waves from glitching pulsars by Garvin Yim, et al. (arXiv)

May 31 to June 2, 2024
Conference organizer and session chair for the 2nd Topics of Particle, Astro and Cosmo Frontiers, Nanjing China (TOPAC2024)

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