Curriculum Vitae

2024.2-now Associate Professor with Tenure KIAA, Peking University Beijing
2018.9-2024.1 Assistant Professor KIAA, Peking University Beijing
2017.9-2018.8 Scientific Staff MPI für Radioastronomie Bonn
2015.9-2017.8 Junior Scientist Albert Einstein Institute Potsdam
2010.9-2015.7 Doctoral Student Peking University Beijing
2011.9-2013.8 Visiting Scholar MPI für Radioastronomie Bonn
2005.9-2010.7 Bachelor Student Peking University Beijing
1987 Jan 15 Hello World Zhejiang Province, China Yuyao


2014-present SKA Pulsar and Gravitational Wave Science Working Groups
2018-present Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
2018-present KAGRA Scientific Collaboration
2018-present LISA Consortium
2018-present IAU Individual Member
2018-present Gravitation and Relativistic Astrophysics, Chinese Physical Society
2020-present Chinese Astronomical Society
2020-present Beijing Astronomical Society
2020-present Cosmic Explorer Consortium
2021-present Einstein Telescope Observational Science Board
2021-present Chinese Institute of Electronics
2022-present Chinese Physical Society
2024-present Vice Principal of Science, Ditang Middle School, Yuyao China
2017-2021 BlackHoleCam Project
2015-2017 LIGO Scientific Collaboration